Executive Summary


The Facts of a Caregiver's Life

At some point in our lives we will expectedly or unexpectedly become a caregiver to a family member or loved one. 

Most family caregivers will be unprepared for the enormous task of providing care. 

Recent statistics put the number of family caregivers in the U.S at over 45 million.   

• The estimated value of care these unpaid family caregivers provide is over $450 billion per year.  That is almost as much as CMS spends on Medicaid at $470 billion.   

• The average unpaid family caregiver expects to spend out-of-pocket almost $7,000 per year and $12,000 for out of state family caregivers.  The economic cost is staggering yet family caregivers are often viewed as the forgotten component in the care delivery system for the ailing patient.   

• The emotional toll is even higher. It is quite common for these family caregivers to feel lost, depressed, suicidal or angry. Some lose their marriage, their job and retirement savings, compounding the problem.   

• There are a few support services for family caregivers and they are difficult to find or access. 

Training for family caregiving is close to non-existent. 

However, there is hope for these caregivers in the form of CareZoom - The first smart digital  assistant for family caregivers.

Innovation Answers

Caregiver interaction begins with CareZoom’s text-messaging platform. 

Powered by CareZoom’s proprietary Advanced Analytics (Artificial Intelligence) and agile technologies, the HIPAA-compliant and FINTECH capable texting service facilitates the following:  

a.) Provide emotional support and words of encouragement to the family caregiver through specially designed Q&A and/or applicable website links, video, audio and photos;  

b.) Provide appropriate and helpful tools:  Resources, Education Products, Services and Support regarding the caregiver's situation, i.e. Tip of the day, websites links, video, audio, and photos;  

c.) Gather information about the caregiver, i.e. caregiver issues/problems/situations, degree of emotional and financial stress, any services or products needed or requested.  

CareZoom collects all texting information from the family caregiver and secures the information in CareZoom’s HIPAA-compliant databases. Using the information to develop profiles on each caregiver and data analytics, CareZoom can deliver customized responses and the appropriate products and services to each caregiver.

Our Platform to Success

A Managed Service Platform, CareZoom’s Smart Digital Assistant is the lynchpin to accessing the CareZoom ecosystem that provides additional products and services to the family caregiver. 

The CareZoom ecosystem consists of the following:  

a.) Call Center- filled with trained professionals that handle various caregiving inquiries.  

b.) Caregiving Training Modules- education and training delivered virtually and customized to each family caregiver.  

c.) CareZoom Referral Vendor Network- specific vendors that supply products and services the family caregiver might need.   

d.) CareZoom website- loaded with information, journey guides and tool kits for the family caregiver and will allow for e-commerce.   

e.) White label and Licensing with healthcare provider systems and Medical Insurance Billing Services- CareZoom will provide services to handle billing and reimbursement of products or services used by family caregivers.

Our Business Model

The business model has multiple revenue streams. 

Revenue will come from the following:  

a.) Value-Based Care Providers are the primary target customers.  Contracting with Hospital Systems, Federally Qualified Healthcare Clinics, Skilled Nursing, and Medical Groups.  Later we target the Health Insurance companies - the payers.

Offering a white label managed service platform that offers support to the caregiver who ultimately assures the patient is adhering to doctors' orders and following treatment protocols.

b.) Monthly Mobile App and text messaging subscription fees – the text messaging platform will offer a freemium and premium service. The premium service will be tiered based on the level of service desired by the family caregiver.  

c.) Referral fees- fees generated from referring family caregivers to service providers, i.e. psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health professionals, other licensed medical professionals.  

d.) E-Commerce & Online Ads- CareZoom will facilitate purchases of goods and services via the CareZoom website and text messaging platform from vendors in the Referral Vendor Network.  

e.) Education & Training Fees- CareZoom will charge fees for usage of its proprietary caregiving training and education learning systems and programs.  

f.) Billing Service Fees- fees charged to each transaction that CareZoom handles to the appropriate insurance and/or healthcare provider on behalf of the family caregiver.

Our Leadership

CareZoom has filled its leadership team with experienced and seasoned professionals in healthcare, technology, development, finance and marketing. 

CareZoom complements its management team with Technology and Healthcare advisory boards filled with an impressive group of experts in their respective fields. 

Each individual is dedicated to fulfilling the mandate of CareZoom - giving family caregivers the tools, products, and services to lessen the financial and emotional stress of caregiving.   

Our Vanguard Team: 

• Anette Asher, Founder & CEO  – 27 years in healthcare and life sciences leadership 

• Bevey Miner, 20 year veteran of Electronic Health Records, implementations, market strategies and value creation

•       Linda Speake, IT Administration and Implementation – 30 years in I.T. and project management 

• Steve Morrison, CFO – 30 years CFO multiple enterprises in healthcare IT to public Utilities 

• Jason Cooper, IT CIO – 20 years in healthcare administration and advanced analytics/agile  

• Matt Norris, Financial Analyst – 15 years in life science and business development strategies 

• Terry Ribb, 26 years in marketing strategies, emerging markets expert and User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

• Ginger Cardona – 25 years in healthcare technology product development  

• Kristine McKeown – 25 years in sales   

Our Advisory Boards consist of physicians, psychologists, caregivers, technologists, patient engagement, and CEOS with successful track records.

Our Ask

We are seeking seed funding and partnerships with investors and those who are passionate about creating an innovative solution to help a billion caregivers worldwide with a significant exit in five years.