A Vision for the Future


CareZoom, a service product for the Care To Caregiver program, is creating social impact for an underserved population - the family caregiver

45 million Americans who are sons, daughters, spouses, friends and
neighbors, are working as unpaid family caregivers.  They care for loved-ones with cancer, dementia, heart failure, autism, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and other chronic illness.


Urgent Action Needed!

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, a private, non-governmental and most prestigious institution in the U.S., issued a 366 page report last year:
They published a comprehensive review of family caregiving that calls for urgent actions to address this large crisis that will impact the health of millions of Americans.

The Problem

The problem:

Caregivers are put into the role, unprepared, untrained, and unequipped. 50%  are thrown into the role, unwillingly.   

The healthcare systems, providers who are serving vulnerable populations, are working with value-based care, bundled payments, while managing costs/margins.  To lower costs, they are shifting care to outpatient procedures, virtual services, and limiting doctor visits to 15 minutes.

Impact:  costly emergency dept. visits, avoidable readmissions, accelerated patient decline, and increasing caregiving burdens on the family and community services.

Market Opportunity

By 2020 AARP reports caregivers and patients will spend $72.2 Billion.


Did you know...

U.S. businesses lose $34 billion each year due to employees' lost productivity.

Caregivers currently spend between $7000 - $12,000/year on deductibles and co-pays, transportation, legal, medical supplies, over-the-counter products and home care.

Value Proposition #1


We become a part of the solution to help each caregiver spend wisely and spend less, and save money by planning, learning new do-it-yourself tips, getting the proper tools, and being physically and emotionally prepared.

Value Proposition #2


We influence where and how a family caregiver will spend their time and money.

Value Proposition #3


Professional Caregivers like social workers and discharge nurses are looking for resources and services to help their patients and families.

Value Proposition #4


Hospitals and other healthcare systems are looking for ways to effectively engage their patients, we offer whole family engagement, building trust and sustaining clients.

Delivering Real Care to the Unpaid Family Caregiver


We are the first known business that is uniquely poised to deliver real care to caregivers.

Currently there is no effective support system for caregivers. 

We are a start-up venture building a smart technology platform


Financial Burden and Market Opportunity

Caregivers are consumers looking for Resources, Education, Products, good Outcomes, Services, and real emotional Support  

American businesses lose $34 billion each year due to employees' Lost productivity.  

Caregivers will spend between $7000-$12,000 year on deductibles and co-pays, transportation, legal, medical supplies, over-the-counter products, and home care.   


Now is the time

Now is the time because there is a new global market emerging.     The competition is fragmented.  Most competitors are providing simple directories, push only, basic productivity tools like medication management or home monitoring devices.    

After many pivots, 200+ interviews with caregivers, in depth interviews with providers, we are creating a user experience that is dynamic, predictive, empathic, engaging, responsive, and customized to what they need in that moment.  The right information, personalized support at the right time.

CareZoom Will Deliver Total Caregiving Solutions


Mission, Values, Vision

Our vision is to create healthy and confident caregivers who are prepared, resilient and able to give the best care to their loved one.  

Our mission is to deliver the Right Care at the Right Time with the Right Information they need.   We empower Caregivers of any kind. It’s a "Double – Double"... for the family and provider system.



 A soft tether - we surround the caregiver with Resources, Education, Products, Services and Support that are personally relevant and aligned.


Business Model - Freemium and Premium

Target customers:  1)  Value-Based care providers:  Federally Qualified Healthcare Clinics, Accountable Care Organizations and others serving underserved populations.  2)  Family caregivers who are qualified decision makers.   

Both are incented to:  avoid ER visits, 9-1-1 and ambulance calls, and keep their loved one home and out of a facility.  For Mom or Dad to live at home (age in place) saves $36,000 to $50,000/year.

Pathway to Financial Success


Designed to Scale


Seasoned Leadership Team

Our team is the right talent with drive to create and launch  CareZoom.  We are not afraid of doing firsts.   We have the prowess in I.T. We are experienced  Entrepreneurs.  Click on team picture.  


Empower families

Competitive Advantage and Go-To-Market Strategy

Our business plan spells out additional competitive advantages.

The technologies are contemporary and proven tools, thereby reducing:  risk, unknowns, and cost to build.


The Best in The Industry

100% of us carry the scar tissue of being a caregiver.  

We have 27 decades of experience.  Hands on in caregiving, healthcare, and Leadership.   5 CEOs who have been there… done that.   Robert J. Yurkovic - We have the guy who wrote the book on consumer engagement in healthcare, “Commercializing Consumer Engagement; A Blueprint for the Healthcare Industry”.

Investors and Partners - We Are Fund Raising Now

We are looking to partner with early stage investors to raise Seed and A rounds.   

For the serious investor we can discuss some significant future growth and exit strategies, financial projections, valuation, how we will execute, and marketing and sales strategies and tactics.

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